Dave duMonde is an accomplished drummer and percussionist, having played with many artists in musical styles from around the world. He's a master of the groove with a back beat that has an electrifying punch. "Drummy" has filled the chair in every style: jazz, gospel, R&B, hiphop, reggae, soca, zouk, latin, rock and pop. He also brings his knowledge of rhythms and cultures to school, teaching kids, teens and adults all aspects of music with the beat of the drum as a foundation.

Dave began his life adventure in music at age three, playing percussion with legendary Smithsonian folk singer Ella Jenkins. He began formal training on piano at age eight and began learning drums in his school music program at age nine. He went on to receive a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in music.

Some of the artists "drummy" dave has worked with include:

Life as a teacher is equally important to Dave. In addition to his busy playing schedule, he teaches middle school music at Larchmont Charter School in Hollywood, CA. Because of his rhythmic roots, Dave brings an unsurpassed expertise and insight into music, setting him apart from other teachers in his field. Dave uses music as a means to empower his students with an understanding of personal responsibility and good character so they'll be ready for success as young adults.

Dave is also a family man. He loves his wife of 18 years, Jennie, and spends lots of time hangin' out & playing ball with his sons, Elijah and Zion.